Michaella.(mickey). 19 From my rotting body flowers shall grow
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"We are all the light of the sun and the moon
And we will be the same as one
You are just a reflection of all that you see
And you are always alive in me
We are only one in the same
In pleasure and pain"


I just realized that I grew up during a time where the crazy frog was a thing. Like that was an actual thing that happened, that blue fucking piece of shit frog took the world by storm and it even had a tiny dick and all it did was sing annoying songs while racing around sci-fi towns in a distant future on an invisible motorbike. I can’t believe this. How did that happen. Who LET that happen.

darkisthenewlightnow: I really don't want to sound like an asshole but your lucky that you got into the army, I've been wanting to serve but I can't cos I have diabetes and it kinda makes me jealous of those who can serve. Chin up it'll be okay.

its not all its cracked out to be. theres a lot people don’t hear about. and as of today im no longer with the army, i got a medical discharge for injurys i got at basic.